Important Update for Reason Clock

Some customers have been reporting issues with clock setup. In particular, some iPhone users had issues with connecting the clock to Wi-Fi. One solution we found that seemed to work consistently was setting up the clock while in Airplane Mode with the Wi-Fi turned on. For more information on this fix:

Currently, we are finishing up a permanent solution for this issue by simplifying the setup process, especially for iOS users. This solution should begin to roll out by next week. Current users will need to update the Reason Home app and update their Reason clock's firmware. To update the Reason Home app, go to the App Store or Google Play Store. To update the clock firmware, use this link:

We are also out-of-stock on Amazon but hope to send more inventory as soon as possible. Currently, Amazon has temporarily disabled restocking for non-essential products until April 5th. We expect to begin restocking then.

For now, the clocks are still in stock and available for purchase on and

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