What's New With the Reason ONE Smart Alarm Clock

We've refreshed the Reason ONE. We listen to our customers, and when our customers say that setting up the clock is not intuitive or has bugs, we work to improve those things. And we know we can do even better in the future. 

First off, the Reason Home iOS app has had a slight redesign. The app is still a work-in-progress, but we are working to create our vision of a modern, thoughtfully-designed app that is both easy-to-use and packed with useful features. Some of the initial changes we have made are focused on simplifying the setup process. We have included more pop-up messages that will clarify instructions, provide troubleshooting tips, and make sure your device's settings allow for quick and problem-free setup.

Another app change we've made will help users sign in to Amazon and set up Alexa voice assistant immediately after connecting the Reason ONE to Wi-Fi. Although using Alexa is optional, we want to encourage users to give it a try. In the future we plan on making further changes to the app to make it more visually appealing, to make the clock settings more accessible, and to provide users with more features and reasons to use the app beyond setup.

The changes we've made to the app go hand-in-hand with the changes we've made to the Reason ONE. We have updated the initial speech instructions the clock gives. The clock will now prompt you to open the Reason Home app to begin setup. The clock can now be set up via Bluetooth. This will skip the annoying process of connecting to the clock's Wi-Fi and returning to the app. The clock can now be completely set up without leaving the Reason Home app. 

We have made all of the changes so far with the hope that our current and future customers will have a much improved user experience. Before making the changes we've made, our team researched the leading smart home devices and mobile apps on the market to figure out the secret to combining hardware and software into one seamless product. Although we still have much to learn and improve on, we wanted to our customers know that we will continue to move forward step-by-step to provide them with the level of product quality and user experience they deserve.

For those who would like a more visual guide to the changes we've made to the iOS setup process, please watch the latest YouTube video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R5Uul45T078