WiFi Bedroom alarm clock also serves as nightlight plus Alexa assistant!

It's a bit smaller than the red LED bedroom clock that died but I can still read it easily at night without my glasses so that's the main requirement. Also, I was so tired of the having to correct the time on the red LED 'AcuRite' every 3 weeks (kept getting behind) and I've had poor luck with those 'Atomic' clocks that use radio/satellite signals to keep time. So, this time I looked for a clock that set itself via internet. And I couldn't be happier with this Reason ONE smart clock.

Ok, the instructions are minimal but the app worked to get it set up in about 15min and as soon as it was connected to my WiFi it was perfect time. In the 2 weeks I've had it, we've already had several power outages (hours) and as soon as the power and internet returns it resets itself to perfect time. Love it! No more internal batteries trying to keep the time accurate (they never did a very good job on any of my red LED clocks).

Speaking of red LED, after years (decades?) of always having one of those types, I didn't know how I would like a white display. It's actually quite pleasant to look at. At night (or whenever the room ambient light is low) it dims itself automatically. We usually use 1 of those battery candles for a night light but the white display (unlike the red LEDs) actually provides enough of a glow in the dark room to server as a night light without being hard on the eyes (or eye) opening from sleep.

For me, I would be willing to buy this clock for just those features - nice display and keeping accurate time via the internet. The built-in Alexa assistant is really icing on the cake. It's our first one. I've been enjoying turning on/off my living room lamp (I had to use an app to do so remotely till now), getting weather updates, listening to news, playing a little music and answering the trivia question of the day. The display shows a cute little face when interacting with Alexa and you can always hit the button on the top to interrupt whatever Alexa is doing if you forget what to say to make it stop.

This is definitely the best bedroom alarm clock we've owned so far. I would buy another if a power outage fries this one too.